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When it comes to security and education, one hurdle that schools face is the clash between the culture of privacy and freedom that is fostered in the educational community and the need to protect students and staff, and secure facilities and equipment. Balancing these two can be a difficult task.

For higher education, the need for security is multiplied by the fact that not only are people coming and going at all times of day, but many actually live on campus. Keeping dorms open to the students that reside there while still closed to uninvited guests is a difficult task, but can be solved through a site-specific security solution and training for the residents and staff. Other important security issues include safety for students walking on campus at night, securing equipment and resources, and allowing after-hours access to specific areas.

By integrating the campus security system to the school's existing network, college campuses can interface with student and faculty databases, and can be constantly updated to provide for special events, weekly occurrences, or personnel changes. An integrated access control, intelligent video, asset management, and perimeter detection solution can be implemented across multiple facilities and areas—from dorms to libraries to gyms—to reduce monitoring costs for large campuses.

here is a growing trend in K-12 education as well, partially spurred by a rise in school violence, to take the necessary steps to increase safety in schools. Main issues include monitoring visitors, detecting weapons, and having the ability to lock down the school in case of an incident.

Advances in technology allow security personnel to monitor facilities through video surveillance, smart access, and automatic alarm systems. Security passes can be assigned to visitors, and classroom doors can automatically lock if an alert is issued. Violence, theft, and other incidents taking place on school grounds can be monitored and reacted to quickly with systems that can recognize behavioral or environmental patterns, and then raise an alarm.

By actively working toward a complete solution, and combining security technology with training and other human elements, schools are taking key steps to ensure the safety of their staff and students.

Solution 4 Security work with a number of school districts and higher education organizations has given us the tools to address the unique issues facing school security today.

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