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As companies grow to include hundreds and thousands of employees and multiple buildings, the security risks surrounding these areas multiply. The need to protect workers, facilities, and data becomes a top priority for Corporates looking toward the future—those that do will be rewarded with fewer incidents, more consumer trust, and safer, happier employees.

The need for employee safety must also be balanced with the need to efficiently access necessary information and facilities, as well as to feel free and trusted in the workplace. A custom-tailored security solution designed with this in mind can streamline access and log-in, saving time and money by providing ease and protection. It can be flexible enough to specify certain areas for unrestricted movement, while other areas are restricted to only those with the highest clearance.

Solution 4 Security has been designing and implementing security solutions for corporate campuses since its inception. From locks on doors to the most sophisticated integrated security solutions available, we have the expertise and customer care you are looking for, allowing security to be increased without taking away from the experience of employees or visitors.

Among the key products provided by us for our Corporate Clients are:

Perimeter and Intrusion Detection are the crucial elements of a secure facility.

Utilities and critical infrastructure industries such as power, water, and other government applications may require perimeter protection in order to ensure that no intruders gain access to facility grounds. Any organization that has vulnerable information, employees or facilities, such as schools, corporate campuses, and government buildings, can benefit from intrusion detection.

When working to meet this need, what are important items to consider?

Knowledge is power: The sooner an intrusion is detected and the appropriate people notified, the sooner it can be taken care of. For real-time situations as well as investigating events, an intrusion detection system is an invaluable tool.

The well-being of your employees: This is a priority in any facility, and by closely monitoring the grounds and structures you can ensure their safety.

Integrating intrusion and perimeter systems with the rest of your security system: By doing this, you can get a clearer picture of an incident from beginning to end. Knowing when someone enters the perimeter is the first step to determining who, what, when, and where if there is a problem. Intrusion and perimeter detection systems can interface with access control, video surveillance, or other systems to catch intruders before anyone is in danger.

As your security partner, Solution 4 Security will utilize its years of experience with these systems to help you determine the specific intrusion and perimeter detection solution that best fits your facility. We can engineer your systems so that all the components of your security solution work correctly with each other, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your facility is safe on all fronts.